Pele Dreaming

Pele Dreaming-bronze

Antique Bronze Pele Dreaming

The Making of Pele Dreaming

“Pele Dreaming” is the first sculptural image of the goddess Pele created by Hawaiian artist Herb Kawainui Kāne. It is a life-size bas-relief sculpture designed in 1989 for limited replication in an edition of 500. The sculpture is approximately 34″ in diameter and 4″ in depth. The subject is Pele, the personification of volcanic majesty, interpreted as a sleeping woman, dreaming; a lei of delicate lehua blossoms crowns her head; her hair as pahoehoe lava, against a background of flame; she holds and protects the sacred fire of the Earth in her hand.

gold pele dreaming

Gold Pele Dreaming

Herb Kāne and MaryAnn Hylton collaborated to create the Pele Dreaming sculpture. Herb had been looking for a live model to bring Pele to life and in the long time of searching, no one had surfaced. In his mind’s eye, Herb saw his model, his Pele, and he sketched her into what we now know as one of his most popular art pieces, “Pele Dreaming.”

While there is one master mold, the one that held the energy of this experience, Herb gave MaryAnn the rights to make additional molds and produce “Pele Dreaming” for custom orders. In creating the bas-reliefs, each one is made from the same mold; yet as MaryAnn works with Pele to let her know who has commissioned the particular piece, there is always a unique revelation in the finished product that reflects the buyer and the presence of Pele.

bronze pele dreaming

Bronze Pele Dreaming

“Pele Dreaming” is produced as a limited edition of 500. Every sculpture is signed, numbered and registered in the owner’s name. A Certificate of Authenticity is signed by the artist’s estate and is issued at the time of sale. There are no unsigned or unnumbered castings. As part of the limited edition protocol, after the 500th sculpture is made, the master, original casting and all molds are ceremoniously destroyed.

  • 34” x 34” x apx 4” relief
  • $4,000 outside Hawai‘i
  • $4,167 within Hawai‘i (includes GET)
  • Packaging and shipping additional based on delivery address

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