This museum-quality art is inspired sculptural work that is treasured by homeowners and collectors alike.

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  • Hand-poured from cast stone
  • Hand-finished with matte chosen color
  • Weatherproof in temperate climates
  • Signed and copyrighted by the artist

Color Descriptions

gold pele dreaminggold maskGold: The color of molten liquid Earth, the heart of volcanic flames. Our most precious metal to honor this Goddess. This is the newest finish in the 500 limited edition series.
bronze pele dreamingbronze maskBronze: Layers of bronze is another new finish which is becoming popular.
Pele Dreaming-bronzePele Dreaming Mask-BronzeAntique Bronze: Layers of bronze, burnished, and antiqued to a warm fire-like glow, has made this one of the most preferred finishes of Pele Dreaming.
Pele Dreaming–pewterMask of Pele Dreaming–pewterAntique Pewter: Silver, antiqued with a hint of warmth and rubbed to a soft glow. Imagine a silvery mist rising out of blackest lava. Ancient, yet so contemporary, reminiscent of old world works of art.
Pele Dreaming–blackMask of Pele Dreaming—blackBlack: This sculpture is offered in a pure, dense matte-black finish like lava. In this striking color, lights and shadows are deep; dramatic and constantly changing, like the volcanic mountains themselves.
Pele Dreaming—whiteMask of Pele Dreaming–whiteWhite: The white sculpture is one of the original and most sought-after images of Pele. It has a soft matte, very slightly off-white finish which catches and reflects changing light dramatically.