Mask of Pele Dreaming

Creating the Mask of Pele Dreaming

bronze mask

Bronze Mask of Pele Dreaming

As MaryAnn continued to create “Pele Dreaming,” she began to experiment with the mold making samples of what a scaled down version would look like. With Pele as her guide, MaryAnn found that the Goddess’s face was to be the focal point, so Pele’s face remained the same size while MaryAnn carved around the flames and lava flow.

gold mask

Gold Mask of Pele Dreaming

When MaryAnn was finished with the cast, she said it was like “…freeing Pele, allowing her to float with outward expression of her feminine aspect of power and grace.”

Here Pele was revealed again, this time in the “Mask of Pele Dreaming.” Herb was delighted with the outcome of this art relief. It carried the same elegance and craft as the larger relief, and yet somehow portrayed a personal side of Pele.

Mask of Pele Dreaming–white

White Mask of Pele Dreaming


  • 17” x 22” x apx 4” relief
  • $900 outside Hawai‘i
  • $938 within Hawai‘i (includes GET)
  • Packaging and shipping additional based on delivery address